Sakse was founded in 2015 as an independent venture of Doc Arts Asia dedicated to creating a self-sustaining platform for development, production and distribution of Kachin media.

We are a media agency of photographers, cinematographers, fixers and journalists focused on news and media development in Kachin State and Northern Burma with a decade of experience and unparalleled access to the front-lines, IDP camps, rebel leadership and areas off limits to international journalists and international organizations.

All content is available for purchase and our members are available for assignments, be it editorial or commercial shooting, consulting or fixing.

Sakse works closely with local media outlets and NGO’s to make sure our materials are accessible to all interested parties.

Please contact Sakse to introduce your organization or project.

Anhte Malawm Ni Gaw Jinghpaw Mung Hte Sam Mung Buga Ginra Ni A Mabyin Masa Lam Ni Hpe Htawng Madun Ai Sumla Dem Sara ,Sumla Hkrung Dem Sara,Journalists Sara Ni Hpe Garum Shing Tau Ai Wa hte Journalists Sara Ni Rai Nga Ai.

Malawm Ni Yawng Gaw Sumla,Sumla Hkrung ,Fixing worker Galaw Ai Lam Hpe Tara Shang Ai Hku Lit Jaw Mai Ai Hkr Re.

Anhte Malawn Ni Gaw Mungdan Atsuya ,Mungkan Madang Dep Magazine A Matu Cover Stories Ni ,Shi Laika, Dat Kasa Galaw Ai Lam Ni A Matu Aten Galu Bungli Jaw Mai Hku Re.

Email :     Phone: +95 (0) 9780576013 ( Burma )

Team Sakse :

Ryan Libre

Ryan is a veteran documentary photographer and founder of Documentary Arts Asia. He’s been shooting and living part time in Kachin State since 2008. Ryan’s photography has been exhibited in over 20 galleries across the world, including The Nikon Salon and Fuji Film Salon. He’s the winner of Nikon’s Inspiration award and has received grants from the Pulitzer center & the W.Eugene Smith Fund as well as having given several TEDx talks.

LashiLabya Tawng Din

Tawng Din is a artist, photographer and designer based in Myitkyina. She has been involved in media and event organising for nearly a decade. She has worked to establish cultural ownership and local participation in Kachin state and throughout the Kachin diaspora. She hold a degree in Fine Art from The National University of Arts & Culture, Yangon. She is well known and respected throughout the Kachin photo & art community.

Francis Wilmer

Francis Wilmer is a British documentary producer, writer and photographer. His work spans spans multiple disciplines focusing on identity, class, indigenous rights and struggles for self determination. He’s been focused on Kachin issues and the Burma peace process since 2015, working in journalism, media development and advocacy in Burma and the wider region.

List of Sakse content contributors can be found on our Agency site

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