Photo books are an essential part of Sakse’s mission to create a microcosm of media. We make sure our books are widely seen by bringing them out of the gallery and into other public spaces, such as refugee camps, workshops and our rotating showcase at Mr. Yue, a popular bar and coffee shop in Laiza. 

The Sakse library holds over 300 hardback photo monographs. In addition to the physical library in Laiza, we have organized many photo book showcases & events at other spaces & events in Myitkyina & Yangon. Part of our collection was also donated to a photo gallery in Yangon.

Publishers, please donate to our growing library and learn more about how you can support Sakse in Kachin.


Example of books from our library

Birth Pangs of a nation : Shahidul Alam

Questions without Answers : VII photo Agency

Thai Politics : Miti