Sakse truly is working itself out of a job. By supporting our alumni to be teachers, curators and organizers we plan to have no role left to do at the end of this 20 year project with is already over half way implemented.  

Now Sakse has three local Kachin actively curating for the Sakse gallery.  We will expand our guest curator program to include many voices from all walks of life. 

Curating is a fundamental part of our mentorship program.  


Hkun Li, Yawng Htang & Sinwa Naung are currently curating for the Sakse gallery 

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a Culture of Confrontation

Maxim Dondyuk
Frequently asked questions ( for Sakse curators )

Curating is an unclear and somewhat intimidating word for many people. We hope these FAQ’s will take away some of the mystery and reservations you may have about becoming a curator.

What kind of topic should I choose?

This is totally up to you and the funnist part of the curating process.  

Some examples are

A single body of work from one artist

A group exhibition on a theme

A showcase of works from a paticular group or organization

Does the exhibition have to be from Kachin?

Not at all, you can choose from any works in the world, but keep in mind the local audience.  Why of all the works in the world would this one be meaningful or important for the Kachin public to be exposed to?

What size files do I need to prepare for printing?

The images will be printed at 20 x 30 in ( 60 x 90 cm )

The perfect file would be large enough to print at 300 DPI

Perfect ( 20 x 300 = 6000 pixels  – 30 x 300 = 9000 pixels )

However most file will not be that large but as long as we can print at 200 DPI or near, the images will still look very good.

Very Good ( 20 x 200 = 4000 pixles  –   30 x 200 = 6000 pixles )


Images at 100 DPI will ususaly look poor when viewed in a gallery. 

Poor ( 20 x 100 = 2000 pixels   –  30 x 100 = 3000 pixels   )