Naw Ming Memorial Grants / Award

Seng Mai & Brang Mai – Naw Ming Award winners for thier work together to create & run the Myitkyina Journal.

This award in honor of Naw Ming has morphed from an annual award into a monthly grant program, which offers 12 grants a year based on project proposals.

Grants of 200,000 MMK will be given monthly to help extend the reach of quality documentation in Kachin & N. Burma.




About the original Naw Ming Award

This Award was given to a Kachin person producing outstanding media works or showing leadership in the media fields of Film, Photography, TV, Radio or Print journalism. The Winners receives a jade prize statue each as well as 1,000,000 Kyat to be shared and was honored in a ceremony, receiving recognition for their work from the local and international community. A panel of local nominators selected the best candidates for the prize & a jury of international judges decided the winners. The ceremony was held in January 3rd 2017 in Laiza, the Capital of the free Kachin State.

About Lahpai Naw Ming

Naw Ming, was a Kachin film director and visual journalist who was shot and paralyzed from the neck down while covering the Kachin conflict. In addition to making media himself he taught and mentored many youth in the ways of media.

Naw Ming shot the feature Kachin film ‘Galoi mi she?’ or ‘when will it be.? ‘ He ‘earned’ over 2 years in Burmese prison for his cinematography.  Later he was released under the condition he would never work in media again.   He agreed and soon after joined the KIO’s media department, out of the reach of the Burmese government which jailed him.

He stayed active in media making & mentoring till the day he was paralized.  Later in his life, Naw Ming was honored with the Citizen of Burma Award

He passed away aged 48 from complications of being paralyzed & bed ridden for years…

RIP Lahpai Naw Ming

One year of the Kachin war




–  Apply for a Grant  –


Questions & answers about this grant program

Types of projects eligible

Photo story   

Image lead storytelling – 20 images with brief captions & introduction text 

Text & photo story

Balanced story telling  – 12+ images with 3 pages of text or more & extended captions 

Short documentary 

5-15 min editied documentary short

Screenplay Draft

20+ pages of a screenplay draft.  This draft could then be used to apply for the 3 month Sakse Artist in Residence program 


Welcome your suggestions & ideas for media / visual art projects


The content creator keeps the full copyright to all works producted.

At Sakse, we would request to add these images to our growing archive of images for research, media & activisit use at

What is the grant supposed to cover?

The main idea of these grants is to enable topics to be well documented that are not being covered by national or international media.

The grant funds are primarily to cover hard costs, such as travel, food, lodging, etc  The grant funds need no reciepts of any kind.  Anything not used in the production costs, the grantee will keep. 

The idea is to keep focus on doing the work, the best it can be done, not to think of these grants as a salary that shouldn’t be spent. 

How long is the grant time period?

The period is a month, but the grantees are not expected to be shooting everyday.   A number of days shooting will be decided on a case by case basis, depending on travel and other costs. 

What will grantees be expected to do?

For still photo grants, we request 20 full resolution images with captions, a 1 page introduction to the project & 5 or more 30 sec+ 4k video clips from the project.

Writing in Jinghpaw is OK