Studio Sakse intern desk

We have accepted interns from around the globe.

At Sakse Interns are given real projects which they can shape & grow with in terms of skills & confidence. 

Interns will be carefully screened & can apply as film editor, social media manager, NGO manager, Animator  & more

Sakse will be taking a maximum of 2 interns who will each have thier own office space & use of all facilities, including the cinema space, makerspace & sauna. 

Interns are invited to join any of our workshops & encouraged to be making thier own projects which we will support how we can.


the Details


Internships with Sakse are a great way to kick-start your career.   This internships gives very real experiences & exposure to the  world of film production & social entrepreneurship.

 Interns are given high levels of responsibility & complete real tasks they can be proud of and put on their CV’s in the future.

Interns come from a far for this opportunity, past interns came from :  South Africa, Australia, Lithuania, Nepal, Vietnam, USA, Sweden, Germany, Switzerland, France, UK, Spain, India & more.

Interns who complete a successful program will be able to get letters of recommendation & continued support.  Internships are generally three months in duration, five days per week plus one day of self-study/self assignment. 

All internships are currently unpaid – we are happy to help the interns meet school / university requirements such as additional credit assignments or most special needs. 




Internship positions

Sakse has many options open for potential internships / volunteering.

Photo Editor Internship

Tasks : learning to select & prepare images for exhibtions, the archive / agency, social media ( Everyday Kachin )  & editing a large body of work into a photo book.

Animation Internship

Tasks : Assisting with 2D animated feature films or working close with us to produce an animated short.

Note :  This internship may be done remotely 

Design Intern

Tasks : Could be from graphic design, interior design, product design. We take good design as a fundemental part of our organizational stragity.   


Note : May be possible from a remote location

Workshop Intern

Tasks :  Assist with & plan workshops, offline & online.

May also design your own workshop which you will teach with guidance.

In this internship you will gain in-depth understanding and experience in how plan, promote and teach a workshop

Cinema / Screenings Coordinator

Tasks : Learning to curate, promote & organize public screenings.

This intern with assistance, will decide the screening programing for Studio Sakse

Social Enterprise Internship

Tasks :   In this internship you will gain in-depth understanding & experience in how to generate revenue for projects in a way that activly advances the projects core missions.


Library Coordinator

Tasks :

Maintain & organize Sakse’s collection of photo books, films & Magazines.  the library coordinator will organize external book shopwcase with one of our local partners.  + Contact book publishers to grow our collections.

Gain experience in running a library and the world of publishing & distributing,

the Internships


Internships FAQ

Answes to many basic questions

Q – About how much will it cost for food and accommodation during my internship?

A – Long-term guesthouses and apartments are very reasonable in Chiang Mai. Our interns have paid between 60USD to 160USD a month for furnished flats. Food is also cheap–if you eat at delicious local places, expect to pay around a dollar or two per meal.

Q – Do I need to book an apartment before I arrive?

A – Most of our interns stay at a guest house for a few days while they find an apartment. There are lots available, so pre-booking isn’t really necessary.

Q - How many other interns will be around?

A – We have a maximum of 3 interns at a time.   Each intern will have thier own working space / office space

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