Yawng Htang

Yawng Htang


grew up in Nam San Yang village, which he had to flee from civil war in 2011. See Yawng Htang's archive on Sakse

Sinwa Naung

Sinwa Naung


In addition to making media, Sinwa is also the assistant curator of Everyday Kachin and organizing photography related resources to share.

He grew up in Namsang Yang village, which he had to flee from civil war in 2011.  

At Sakse, the workshops are just an introduction to the long process of becoming a full time media maker. We offer many levels of workshops to help our participants reach their goals in media, but much of the real work needed to make world class media makers happens during mentoring between or after the workshops. This is something Sakse really sees the importance of and gives a lot of resources to.

During our years spent working in Kachin we've found that workshops alone only go so far and to really get a competitive foot in the door of the media industry emerging artists need guidance on the long and difficult path to becoming an established creator. What this means in practice is our teams checks in through calls, meet ups and chats almost daily with our members and emerging talent in Northern Burma

It's just one of the reasons why Kachin Photographers have placed first place professional for best photo story in Burma, for four years in a row, despite being just 5% of the population. A support system for the long path and seemingly impossible goal of becoming a nationally, regionally or world recognized media maker is so vital to the real world success of our participants.

Our mentoring is free of charge and the mentees agree to mentor others in the future.

We accept 2 mentees per year for 2 year mentorships. This way we will have the 2nd year mentees also mentoring the 1 year mentees, in addition to our own mentors.

The mentees are given free website hosting for the 2 year period and are encourage to make their portfolio websites.

Yawng Htang's Portfolio

Sinwa's Portfolio

Real world examples of mentoring include

Answering questions about fair pricing and advising on media licensing agreements

Advising on grants & contests to be applying for and assisting the application process if needed.

Connecting our mentees with editors & gate keepers in the media world

Assisting in selection & sequencing of photo essays before sending to publishers