In addition to shooting & distributing images, Sakse and partners run a wide range of programs and activities that teach, mentor and support emerging and established media makers in Northern Burma.

Laiza Center

Sakse’s partner organisation, Documentary Arts Asia built a media library and gallery in Laiza, the Kachin Independence Organization’s capital in 2013 . The center is our permanent home in Laiza and acts as a base of operation and point of contact for media organising in the region.

Training Workshops

During the past decade we have trained literally thousands of young Kachin, women, IDP’s, NGO workers, soldiers, church groups and individuals from all walks of life. From these trainings many have continued to practise documentary arts and some have achieved high level international recognition. We plan to continue these trainings and workshops and raise the standards of those who want to pursue full time careers in media.

Everyday Kachin

The Everyday Kachin page was established to showcase some of the best images from Kachinland, so as to open up Northern Burma aesthetically and to help inspire understanding & empathy from the international community to the plight of the Kachin peoples. As well using it as a gateway to find new talent to bring into our programs and to showcase the emerging visual art scene within the Kachin community.

Naw Ming Award

This Award is given annually to a Kachin person producing upstanding media works or showing leadership in the media fields of Film, Photography, TV, Radio or Print journalism. The Winner receives a jade prize statue, 1,000,000 Kyat & is honored in a ceremony receiving recognition for their work from the local and international community. A rotating panel of local nominators selects the best candidates for the prize & a jury of international judges decides the winner. The first ceremony was held in January 3rd 2017 in Laiza, the Capital of the free Kachin State.

One on One Mentoring

During our years spent working in Kachin we’ve found that workshops alone only go so far and to really get a competitive foot in the door of the media industry emerging artists need guidance on the long and difficult path to becoming an established creator. What this means in practice is our teams checks in through calls, meet ups and chats almost daily with our members and emerging talent in Northern Burma

Diversity of Content Creators 

Sakse recognizes that engaging with often disenfranchised groups is integral to achieving a representative media. As such we go out of our way to actively encourage and support people of marginalised groups who’s stories are often overlooked, be it women, young people, economically disadvantaged or under-represented individuals to participate in our activities and agency.


Due the the huge amount of content created on our Everyday Kachin page we we’re able to launch the Everyday Kachin Zine, a small magazine in English and native Jinghpaw language, covering politics, arts and culture from both the region and the wider Kachin diaspora.