Sakse + Researchers

Sakse has been working with researchers and academia since we started.  Kachin is a gold mine for researchers looking for new frontiers for their research.

The Sakse archive functions as the defacto national visual archive. While our progress is modest now, we are looking to greatly expand this project.

Due to the 70 year conflict, almost all of Kachin has been closed off leaving Kachin state inaccessable to most researchers.   

Obtaining permission to travel or research is nearly impossible for most cases in Kachin, but for now we suggest to look through our growing archive of images and video to see what you can learn from the visuals and captions we created.  

You may also wish to interview one of us directly about your research topic or commission a Sakse photographer to shoot visuals for your research.

The Sakse agency was created to make these images available to the public. It also helps generate valuable income for local media makers. We have sold images to major media outlets, museums, book publishers, local & international NGO’s.

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