Studio Sakse’s soft opening

& annual print auction

In addition to the main exhibition opening for a Sakse collective show,  come see our 5 meter magnetic historical timeline of Kachinland, our offline visual archive & more

Kachin food will be provided with some wine

Sakse will be showing off our amazing new working / exhibition / teaching studio 

their will be an optional slient auction for the large exhibition prints.  bidding starts at 1/2 the normal print price, so great chance to get an archrival print. 

Auction proceeds will be shared with the artists.  

Hossein Farmani, founder of the Internanational Photo Awards, auctioning at our previous print auctions.

The Sakse agency brings the powerful images made by our programs available to the public. It also helps generate valuable income for local media makers to start and sustain their careers. We have sold images to major media outlets, museums, book publishers, universities, local and international NGO’s.


images for auction

Hkun Li

Yawng Htang


Hkun Lat