Studio Rental

Studio Sakse can be booked for private rentals for your collaborative needs. All studio rentals will include unlimited popcorn and the space, which includes air conditioning, HEPA air filtering, and a surround sound system

We are able to rent out the studio space for the following events:

1) Private Film Screenings

2) Workshops/Meetings

3) Game Sessions

4) Private Party/Exhibitions

5) Maker’s Space

Private Film Screenings

The studio space can be converted into a mini cinema, complete with a 300-inch projection screen and movie theater seating that can fit 18+ people


Our large workshop table can comfortably fit 10 people; two glass whiteboards and a 55-inch television are available to use as well. In most cases, for public workshops without an entry fee, the space will likely be available for free. The scope of the workshop can be anything – we can even accommodate cooking lessons.

Game Sessions

Our extensive selection of board games and Wii games can be enjoyed by groups wishing to rent the studio space. Up to 12 people can fit around the table for board games, and the 55-inch television is ideal for enjoying the Wii.

Board Games

Settlers of Catan (plus 5-6 player expansion pack)

Carcossonne Big Box



7 Wonders



Monopoly (portable version)

Mindfulness Monsters

Unstable Unicorns


Wii Games

Guitar Hero

DJ Hero and DJ Hero 2

Dance Dance Revolution 2

Hip Hop Dance Experience

Wii Fit

Wii Play

Carnival Games

Super Mario Galaxy

Private Parties/Exhibitions

The studio is an excellent space to host private gatherings, such as organizational social events, birthday parties, and other events. The gallery area of the studio can be used during these events to showcase anything of your choosing.

Maker's Space

Maker’s Space – There is a fully equipped workshop space — with saws, drills, soldering gun, a sewing machine, screen printing, woodblock printing, leather crafting, exhibition mounting, bike repair tools welding, and a variety of other tools — that is open on Fridays from 10am-5pm for 50 THB/hour and possibly by appointment on other days. The Maker’s Space has many tapes, paints, screws, etc. that are available at cost.