First documentary workshop in Laiza 2008
7 day intermediate visual story telling workshop

Cord Keller – Director & executive producer of Survivor,

teaches storytelling for cinema at our Laiza media center

We start our workshops by saying


“We are not here to train you to be ‘ minority / refugee photographers’. We are here to make you some of the best media makers in the world.”

During the past decade we have trained literally thousands of young Kachin, women, IDP’s, NGO workers, soldiers, church groups and individuals from all walks of life. From these trainings many have continued to create media and several have achieved high level international recognition.

Sakse’s countless workshops in Kachin have already been vital in creating a whole generation of media makers.

In keeping with our mission of working ourselves out of a job, Sakse also teaches our teaching methods to our most advanced students who spread this wave of media further and faster than any one teacher ever could.

Over a dozen world class media makers and educators have taught special workshops at our Laiza center, due to the complications of traveling there, their names must remain anonymous but they’ve all left important marks in the development of media in Kachin.

Sakse is currently trying to develop a Jinghpaw language online training program in the near future.


The Sakse Workshop Programs

Basic Media Boot Camp

Introduction to becoming a media maker

2 days with assignments

have taught 100+ participents

20-40 prefered

Intermediate photo

Visual Story telling & advanced camera functions

8 days with assignments

10 – 20 participants preferred

Intermediate FILM

Making first films in a team

14 days with assignments

10-20 participants preferred

Advanced Photo

Beyond press photography learning to document as art

14 days with assignments

5 – 10

participants prefered

Advanced FILM

Scripting & directing & the art of editing

30 days with assignments

5 – 10

participants preferred

Going Pro

How to make & keep a career in Media

2 days with assignments

5 – 10 participants preferred

Training of Trainers

Introduction to becoming a media educator

2 days with with teaching exam

5 – 10

participants preferred

Mentor Program

Covering all the real work of becoming a media maker.  Contracts, networking, professional presentation, a website, an exhibition & much more

2 years

2 per year 

4 at a time

The Sakse Instructors

Hkun Li

Hkun Li



Hkun Li is a documentary photographer from Myitkyina. He is an alumni from our programs, as well as an alumni of the Foundry Photojournalism Workshop and the Angkor Photo Workshop. He has had solo exhibitions at the Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Thailand , The London School of Economics and several others.
Hkun Li received first place at the Yangon Festival in 2020 for his photo project about forced marriages among Kachin IDP women to Chinese Business men titled ‘Beauty Queen’

Awarded a full scholarship for a workshop at the Arles Photography Festival, he focused his work on the local Roma population in France.
He has since been journeying ever deeper into the remote reaches of Northern Myanmar, spending extended periods of time at IDP camps in the rugged mountains. 

Ryan Libre

Ryan Libre



Ryan Libre has been teaching media making for over a decade. Besides the workshops he runs through Sakse & DocArtsAsia, he has taught for organizations such as the EU, the UN, the Olympic Committee, Chiang Mai University, University of Colorado, Where there be dragons, Trocaire & Earth Rights International. 

He gave two TEDx talks about his mission & passion to create a vibrant media culture in Kachin.  He is currently enrolled in an MFA program at the University of Colorado.