The Sakse agency brings the powerful images made by our programs available to the public. It also helps generate valuable income for local media makers to start and sustain their careers. We have sold images to major media outlets, museums, book publishers, universities, local and international NGO’s.

In addition to images sales, we function as the defacto national visual archive with contemporary & historical images. While our progress to becoming a proper archive is modest now, we are looking to greatly expand this project. Visit the dedicated website.

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Hkun Lat

Hkun Li

Yawng Htang

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License images not found on any major agency.

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getting a print from an artist is a great way to show your support & share the story – Browse Prints

Print Prices

XL – 24″ x 36″ 20,000 THB € 550

L – 20″ x 30″ 12,000 THB € 325

M – 16″ x 24″ 6,000 THB € 160

S – 10” x 15″ 1500 THB € 40

Print Patron Program


Archival prints you receive

Costs for artist & public


Supports printing, promotion, food & wine

Expected studio visits


Direct to artists

Prints to be exhibited

Yearly donation

Sakse is striving to run as a social enterprise that can operate independently.

Print sales are an important part of this ambition;

they greatly help our artists and expand our exhibitions and programs.

About Sakse's Print Patron Program

Choose works from 10 artists of the 12 exhibitions in a year at Studio Sakse1 – 20” x 30” inch print or 2 – 16” x 24” inch prints from 10 of the 12 exhibitions hosted at Sakse in the year.

Total of 10 prints 

20” x 30” inch  ( 50 x 75 cm ) prints  2600 € 100,000 THB    20% off

The collector gets archival prints at below Sakse’s already affordable print prices.

The artist’s gets guaranteed print sales ( artist receive ½ directly )

Sakse gets to provide it’s space, support, prints & promotion for the artists free of charge.

Sakse needs just 5 Print Patrons to operate without charging anything from the artists or public

20% off normal pricing

For annual print subscribers they have the option to buy additional prints at this reduced price.

Print details

These giclée prints are printed on acid-free paper with archival pigment inks. They will retain original colors for well over 100 years

Photos will be a new print. ( not exhibition print ) Papers will be up to the artist from a variety of collector quality archival papers. 


Shipping is included in the yearly donation.

In thailand, prints will be shipped every 3 months ( 4 times )

If outside of Thailand prints will be mailed 2 times in the year.

Tax credit for donations

Sakse can provide an offical Thai NGO donation tax reciept for the full amount of the yearly donation.

You will need to talk to your accountant to know full refund details, but a portion of your donation can be used as a write off.

Become a Print Patron

Please reach out with any questions or details

083-153-7763  ( Thai phone & Signal )

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