Supporting Sakse’s Misson

We accept one time and monthly donations. Depending on which country you’re in we can investigate making donations tax deductible. We work on extremely small budgets and a minor donation goes a long long way. 

We accept books and camera/computer/editing gear from anywhere in the world. If you know of any unused equipment sitting in a backroom somewhere, please let us put it to use for those who really need it in Kachin.

We’re always looking for researchers, advisors and volunteers to help out in anyway they can. Over the course of our works we’ve had over 200 volunteers. We have a lot of projects so we can always find a use for your skills. This can be either online or in person.

We have accepted interns from around the globe. At Sakse Interns are given real projects which they can shape and grow with in terms of skills & confidence.  Interns will be carefully screened and can apply as video editor, social media manager, NGO manager, communications & more

Who has supported Sakse’s activities & programs in the past